Signal controller module (2,3 or 4 aspect) infra-red trigger (pre fitted to module)



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A handy compact version of the ASP1, this unit is designed to fit directly under the operating track with the infra red sensor pre-soldered to the module to reduce wiring.

simply connect the module to a 12V DC power supply and using the push button, follow the instructions & program the module to operate a 2,3 or 4 aspect signal. then connect your colour light signal and test that the module has been set successfully.

Then install the module on your layout near to your signal and watch as your trains trigger the signal through a realistic (adjustable) timer sequence.

please find a PDF copy of the instructions below (if you have already purchased this module from us please select the version listed in your instructions) for additional information please go to:

58DF6V-ASP1NS instructions 58GF6Y-ASP1NS-updated instructions