About Online Models Ltd

Online Models Ltd is a family business founded by Father and Son team Phillip & Alexander Croft. In 2010 Alexander began an enterprise placement with Sheffield Hallam University allowing him to develop a business of his own during his placement year.

The company was founded with the intention of providing the best quality product for the modeller, made in the UK. With this goal in mind a range of scatter materials were developed for the modeller in the War gaming market; the first of a new hobby range.

Online Models Ltd began a search for a new project and began negotiations to purchase the well-established range of colour light signals from CCH Models, “Eckon & Berko”. These brands had been established for some years but as the founder’s retirement loomed, the brands began to suffer from dwindling availability.

Online Models Ltd have since invested in upgrading the Brands:

  • new packaging
  • You Tube Help videos
  • New Website, adding PayPal (E-commerce)
  • Social Media, keeping customers informed
  • New ‘Plug & Play’ system

Online Models Ltd also acquired Dave’s Railway Films in Early 2016 Re-Branding to “Railway Films” www.railwayfilms.co.uk launching its first all new DVD at the Warley Model Railway show 2016.