DCC signal module (2,3 or 4 aspect) infra-red trigger (talk link to additional SEC4-DCC)



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A feature rich version of Block signalling’s ASP1 & SEC1-DC modules this unit adds “signal talkback” for DCC allowing each module to tell what the signal (module) before and after is displaying creating a true signalling block using your DCC bus as a power supply.

simply connect the module to your 16V AC DCC power bus and using the push button, follow the instructions & program the module to operate a 2,3 or 4 aspect signal. then connect your colour light signal and test that the module has been set successfully.

Then install the module and infra red detectors on your layout near to your signal and watch as your trains trigger the signal and other connected signals (please note each module can only control 1 signal).

for added operational realism you can chose to wire the module to your track circuit, allowing the module to stop trains at a red signal (please note that this will switch the wired rail before the signal to 12V DC) leaving any lights/sound on the loco or carriages on while stopping the loco.

in order to take best advantage of the track circuit wiring for red lights set CV27 (this feature is not supported on all DCC decoders so please double check before relying on automatic braking).

please find a PDF copy of the instructions below (if you have already purchased this module from us please select the version listed in your instructions) for additional information please go to: www.blocksignalling.co.uk

44AF1L-SEC4DCC Instructions


44KF1R-SEC4DCC-updated-2 Instructions

44KF1S-SEC4DCC-updated-3 Instructions

44KF1U-SEC4DCC-updated-4 Instructions