The Online Models Ltd Family is always expanding with new developments to meet demand. With the Weathering Powders and our acquisition of new product ranges. We have been branching out from our traditional market of Lamps and Light accessories. Lead Developer Richard Nightingale is always looking at new ideas and developments in all three major scales, and their Finescale equivalent, contact us:

Bad News; Brass.

It comes with a heavy heart to say that we are currently looking at discontinuing our current Brass range, including the former Peedie Models items, for the forseeable future.

The reason for this is simple; Brass is Expensive.
In the last year, it’s raised 400% and order expectation means that for an etch of ladders, a regular order for us, has to be in the Hundreds, and with an appropriate increase in up-front order cost. Which means we have to put more on the customer at the end, also.

Our last order, Only of Ladders for our lights range, was coming in at £100 per A4 sheet of Brass, with a minimum order of 7 sheets.

We have talked to other manufacturers, modellers and even Engineering workshops and recycling plant, and everyone is coming to the same conclusion; that it is Uneconomical.

Therefore, we will not be conducting any further orders of Brass etch products, and once a line is done, it’s done; we will not be ordering more brass. It’s a lot of up-front cost for small orders and a lot of reserve holding.

This does not mean these items are not available while stocks last. Likewise, as the Developments Manager, I am looking for suitable alternatives.
Initially, we had looked at Nickel Silver, but this is a brass derivative, and prices have gone up accordingly.
Aluminium is a common substitute, but that has also climbed in Value, and matches Brass in end value. Unsuitable.

Currently, the Majority of our range is looking like it may re-appear in either artist card, or Plastic. This is both cheaper for us to source, and we can cut it to order, in House. But converting the CAD files takes time.

Feel free to Contact us if you have any questions, or requests for, certain items, or alterations considering these changes.

O scale wagons – Update.

LNWR Precedent and GNR Stirling R3 on Happisburgh Goods. The R3 leading up a rake of 3-plank ballast wagons in the raw.

Et voila!
After much adaptation and searching through for period rolling stock reference, we are proud to show our new wagons being tested. 

Using Slater’s wheels, the contractor’s ballast wagons compliment the majority of locomotives available in O, provide a short wheelbase and dumb buffers give the best opportunity for tight radii track and compact layout arrangements. The choice use of high-grade card means that new modellers can appreciate a level of affordability, durability and reliability in accepting any and all mediums they may wish to use to colour the wagons.

These are set to come in 3 and 5 plank variations, along with an equally short brake van. Other rolling stock can be expected to follow, including vans and carriages. We even have a crane designed. The choice of the 5 ton ballast wagon to kick off with came after pictures showing them as a lesser spotted, but undeniably present, part of every different railway era, surfacing with Contractor’s locomotives and on private networks, but also being stalwart veterans as depot, yard and workshop tool wagons and general run-arounds, a job which has seen some examples in service from the Liverpool and Manchester Railway’s first days, to modern docksides, quarries and depots.

As mentioned elsewhere, the idea is not to provide an Accurate model, but rather a cheap but solid set of rolling stock for new modellers to start off with, and can improve and personalise. And with a predicted sale value, with wheels, in the £30 bracket, It does so comfortably.

We look forward to bringing them to sale soon. Any interest now, feel free to contact us. We will look at manufacturing any wagons in a similar vein.

N Scale Gantry.

Requests were made; And Developments Listened.

After requests at the International N gauge show, we finally decided to take a look at offering a Gantry set for N.

Taking initiative from early electric gantries manufactured by the GWR, SR and LNER, As well as later BR examples, a passably convincing set of basic gantries will be produced for 2 and 4 rail, with adaptability for custom requests for wider options.

OO scale Gantries will be considered to follow.

Lazer-Cut “Foundation” kits.

The “Foundation” kits require a little bit of understanding as to their entailed purpose.
Rather than offering all-in-one Kits, or Ready-To-Place models, The range intends to offer basic, sturdy structures which the individual can then kit-bash over with the wide variety of supporting materials already available for Scratchbuilders, such as Plasticard, whitemetal, Plaster or Resin cast parts, or even just a good coat of paint, Kits are kept affordable for the modeller by reducing manufacture time and manpower costs, while encouraging modellers to make a scene their own.

Water Tower, based on WD design; Sturdy, solid and Lightweight. Finished with Concrete grey and black spray paint, then quickly finished with bright rust orange weathering powder. Just needs plumbing.

Currently designed are;
Narrow Platform (O gauge Guild Compliant)
Weighbridge (Shown, Below, as cut)
Water Tower (Painted, Above)
Coal Staithe
Halt Building

And Projected are;

Small Engine shed (Single Road)
Small Goods shed.

Fresh off the laser and assembled in moments, the Weighbridge uses Card rails compatible with leading retailers. Modelled based off a crude WD/LMS example, kit may include “Locomotives must not traverse Weighbridge” sign.

All together, the Kits should provide everything required for a small terminus or industrial layout scene. Also suitable for Bolt Action scenery.

Weathering Powders

Although Online Models has only recently introduced The Weathering Powders to the range, the development story of them begins back in 2014, with observations about other weathering powder ranges, particularly that the vast majority use the same combinations of Iron, Aluminium, and Chrome oxides alongside chimney soot to make Black. While these are prototypically coloured, cheap and long lasting, they also carry very serious health and handling warnings, especially when mixed, and in actual use, the powders are abrasive, causing damage to models, and are limited in use. 

At the time, some of our development team had moved over to using comparably priced but softer and safer alternatives, and so research went forward. A company which manufactures Holi pigments, which are approved for human consumption and most allergies, was chosen and contacted within the UK, allowing us to maintain our “Manufactured in the UK” pride, and we have an ample colour selection at our fingertips. Packs are formulated based on 1962 BR Midland Goods transport records, which list what colour powders could be found from cargos, as well as our own research team’s ample experience with the real railways and vehicles, identifying colour matches and combinations to offer packs tailored to the enterprising modeller for weathering any situation.

Handle as you would any other weathering powder from guide, or mix in to a paste with water, leave to dry, and use a coarse brush to remove it, moving across the model. The powders are water soluble and will just wash off with immersion in water, but do make sure to varnish any other water-soluble features, such as transfers. For permanence, spray on varnish or glue is recommended, but if handling like the paste, the powders have an innate adhesive quality and a model can be weathered and cleaned without needing glue, and can be washed off with water, but will stay on without needing fixing.

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