The Online Models Ltd Family is always expanding with new developments to meet demand. With the Weathering Powders and our acquisition of new product ranges. We have been branching out from our traditional market of Lamps and Light accessories. Lead Developer Richard Nightingale is always looking at new ideas and developments in all three scales. contact us:

Lazer-Cut “Foundation” kits.

The “Foundation” kits require a little bit of understanding as to their entailed purpose.
Rather than offering all-in-one Kits, or Ready-To-Place models, The range intends to offer basic, sturdy structures which the individual can then kit-bash over with the wide variety of supporting materials already available for Scratchbuilders, such as Plasticard, whitemetal, Plaster or Resin cast parts, or even just a good coat of paint, Kits are kept affordable for the modeller by reducing manufacture time and manpower costs, while encouraging modellers to make a scene their own.

Water Tower, based on WD design; Sturdy, solid and Lightweight. Finished with Concrete grey and black spray paint, then quickly finished with bright rust orange weathering powder. Just needs plumbing.

Currently designed are;
Narrow Platform (O gauge Guild Compliant)
Weighbridge (Shown, Below, as cut)
Water Tower (Painted, Above)
Coal Staithe
Halt Building

And Projected are;

Small Engine shed (Single Road)
Small Goods shed.

Fresh off the laser and assembled in moments, the Weighbridge uses Card rails compatible with leading retailers. Modelled based off a crude WD/LMS example, kit may include “Locomotives must not traverse Weighbridge” sign.

All together, the Kits should provide everything required for a small terminus or industrial layout scene. Also suitable for Bolt Action scenery.

Weathering Powders

Although Online Models has only recently introduced The Weathering Powders to the range, the development story of them begins back in 2014, with observations about other weathering powder ranges, particularly that the vast majority use the same combinations of Iron, Aluminium, and Chrome oxides alongside chimney soot to make Black. While these are prototypically coloured, cheap and long lasting, they also carry very serious health and handling warnings, especially when mixed, and in actual use, the powders are abrasive, causing damage to models, and are limited in use. 

At the time, some of our development team had moved over to using comparably priced but softer and safer alternatives, and so research went forward. A company which manufactures Holi pigments, which are approved for human consumption and most allergies, was chosen and contacted within the UK, allowing us to maintain our “Manufactured in the UK” pride, and we have an ample colour selection at our fingertips. Packs are formulated based on 1962 BR Midland Goods transport records, which list what colour powders could be found from cargos, as well as our own research team’s ample experience with the real railways and vehicles, identifying colour matches and combinations to offer packs tailored to the enterprising modeller for weathering any situation.

Handle as you would any other weathering powder from guide, or mix in to a paste with water, leave to dry, and use a coarse brush to remove it, moving across the model. The powders are water soluble and will just wash off with immersion in water, but do make sure to varnish any other water-soluble features, such as transfers. For permanence, spray on varnish or glue is recommended, but if handling like the paste, the powders have an innate adhesive quality and a model can be weathered and cleaned without needing glue, and can be washed off with water, but will stay on without needing fixing.

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