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We also own and present Exhibition standard layouts for shows.

Happisburgh Goods

Happisburgh Goods is a depiction of a North Eastern Region BR small goods yard. Operationally a shunting puzzle, Happisburgh Goods is one of the oldest layouts on the Modelling Circuit, With features dating all the way back from the 1950’s, The layout has been on the exhibition circuit in various forms since the 90’s, and is the last surviving section of the Behemoth that was Happisburgh.
With two sorting lines at the back, a crane and goods shed at the front, and sorting sidings in the middle, The layout has recently been optimised operationally by refitting to a Wireless DCC system allowing for a greater variety of operation, while fully embracing the more compact small shunters available in O today. Happisburgh is well supported with a variety of unique rolling stock to diversify the scene, while the remote control allows for a hands-on control from visitors, meaning the layout and team can offer an Experience of the layout not normally offered. Ideally requiring a team of Three to operate in totality, and can have up to Five locomotives in scene at a time, Though operation is limited in this situation, The layout Ideally runs with Two or Three operators, Four being ideal to allow a staff rotation.

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