BNH3 – N gauge (2mm) Signal Head (R/Y/G) 3 aspect


Berko N gauge (2mm) Signal Head (R/Y/G 3 aspect) perfect for gantry mounting


Berko N gauge (2mm) Signal Head (R/Y/G) 3 aspect perfect for gantry mounting or replacing broken signal heads. This item’s longer length wires make Gantry fitting easier.

Soldering is fragile so do not twist or pull wire. When cutting wire down the enamel sheathing may cause connection problems, so burn off with soldering iron. The enamel has been removed from exposed wire ends for immediate use.

“Platform” indicates a shorter stand for use on Platforms while still being at a regular height. platform signals can sometimes be used trackside for driver view sighting (around bridges for example).

“Standard” Indicates a taller stalk for use from rail level.


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